Diagnosis to Destiny

Following and Achieving Dreams After a Cancer Diagnosis and Redefining the New Normal

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The Value of Your A Team

July 26, 2023

In the last week, I’ve spoken with two friends who I met early in my professional career.  The first is a woman I met at a happy hour, gave her my resume, and told her I was trying to get a position at the company she worked for.  The second is the woman who received my resume […] (continue reading…)

Quiet Negative Voices

July 14, 2023

I am a movie lover.  I love many genres.  Summertime is a big time for movie releases and I’m excited.  I just went to see Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.  No spoiler alert here.  But I am reminded of seemingly impossible missions.  How many times has someone told me that I can’t do something, that it will be impossible.  How […] (continue reading…)

Lessons from a Championship Week

June 16, 2023

I am an inconsistent sports fan.  I do not watch games consistently and I do not know most of the players’ names.  But I do like playoff time because it is the most competitive time of the season, and you get all the best player and team backstories about the road to glory.  This week […] (continue reading…)

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