About Diagnosis to Destiny

Diagnosis to Destiny is a tribe and a crusade.  Diagnosis to Destiny is many things, but the foundation of Diagnosis to Destiny is the 10 cancer lessons that have helped me redefine my new normal and move forward from diagnosis to destiny.  These cancer lessons to go from diagnosis to destiny fortified my defiance and provided destiny fuel.  I hope that they do the same for you.

Redefining My New Normal

Cancer Won’t Stop Me

I’m Claiming my Destiny

The Cancer Lessons I Learned

  • Living with a new and different sense of urgency
  • Becoming a quick study
  • Becoming a more calculated decision maker
  • Managing constant change
  • Navigating uncharted territory
  • Embracing my courage
  • Tapping into my own strength
  • Flourishing outside of my comfort zone
  • Assembling my A team
  • Getting comfortable with being selfish